lestes::lang::cplus::sem::as_while_statement Class Reference

#include <as_statements.g.hh>

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Public Member Functions

ptr< as_conditioncondition_get () const
 The method condition_get returns the value of the field as_while_statement::condition.
void condition_set (const ptr< as_condition > &)
 The method condition_set sets the field as_while_statement::condition to the given value.
virtual void accept_as_statement_visitor (ptr< as_statement_visitor > v)
virtual ptr< reflection_listreflection_get () const
 for purposes of dumping
virtual ptr< field_list_listfield_values_get () const
 for purposes of dumping

Static Public Member Functions

static ptr< as_while_statementcreate (ptr< ::lestes::std::source_location > a__as_base__location, ptr< as_statement > a__as_iteration_statement__controlled_statement, ptr< as_condition > a__as_while_statement__condition)
 First generated factory