lestes::lang::cplus::sem::ss_function_comparator Class Reference

Comparator for ss_function. More...

#include <ss_type.hh>

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Public Member Functions

bool operator() (const ptr< ss_function > &left, const ptr< ss_function > &right) const
 Compares two objects with less_than method.
 ss_function_comparator (void)
 Creates the object.

Detailed Description

Comparator for ss_function.

Provides comparator functional for ss_function objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lestes::lang::cplus::sem::ss_function_comparator::ss_function_comparator ( void   ) 

Creates the object.

Creates the comparator.

Member Function Documentation

bool lestes::lang::cplus::sem::ss_function_comparator::operator() ( const ptr< ss_function > &  left,
const ptr< ss_function > &  right 
) const

Compares two objects with less_than method.

Compares two ss_function object with less_than method.

left != NULL

right != NULL

left The left argument for the comparison.
right The right argument for the comparison.
The result of call of left->less_than(right).

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