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Report filter. More...

#include <report_error_flag.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void process (const ptr< message > &a_message, const ptr< source_location > &a_location)
 Processes a report.
bool error_get (void) const
 Returns error flag.

Static Public Member Functions

static ptr< report_error_flagcreate (const ptr< report_filter > &a_output)
 Factory method.

Protected Member Functions

 report_error_flag (const ptr< report_filter > &a_output)
 Creates a filter with output.

Private Member Functions

 report_error_flag (const report_error_flag &)
 Hides copy constructor.
report_error_flagoperator= (const report_error_flag &)
 Hides assignment operator.

Private Attributes

bool error
 Has an error already occured?

Detailed Description

Report filter.

Represents abstract filter of reported messages with location. Each inherited filter is intended to either perform an optional transformation on a report and call process_output(), or filter it out by not calling process_output(). Individual filters' create methods should reserve first parameter to specifying output, followed by other specific parameters, to enable easy chaining of filters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lestes::msg::report_error_flag::report_error_flag ( const ptr< report_filter > &  a_output  )  [protected]

Creates a filter with output.

Creates a filter, initializes with output.

a_output != NULL
output_get() == a_output
a_output The output of the filter.

lestes::msg::report_error_flag::report_error_flag ( const report_error_flag  )  [private]

Hides copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void lestes::msg::report_error_flag::process ( const ptr< message > &  a_message,
const ptr< source_location > &  a_location 
) [virtual]

Processes a report.

Processes a report by output.

a_message != NULL

a_location != NULL

output != NULL

a_message The message to pass to the output.
a_location The location to pass to the output.

Implements lestes::msg::report_filter.

bool lestes::msg::report_error_flag::error_get ( void   )  const

Returns error flag.


ptr< report_error_flag > lestes::msg::report_error_flag::create ( const ptr< report_filter > &  a_output  )  [static]

Factory method.


report_error_flag& lestes::msg::report_error_flag::operator= ( const report_error_flag  )  [private]

Hides assignment operator.

Member Data Documentation

bool lestes::msg::report_error_flag::error [private]

Has an error already occured?

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