lestes::msg::report_kind_filter Class Reference

Report kind filter. More...

#include <report_kind_filter.hh>

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Public Types

typedef ::lestes::std::vector<
srp< message_stencil > > 
 Type of message stencils list.

Public Member Functions

virtual void process (const ptr< message > &a_message, const ptr< source_location > &a_location)
 Filters out reports by kind.

Static Public Member Functions

static ptr< report_kind_filtercreate (const ptr< report_filter > &a_output, const ptr< stencils_type > &a_stencils)
 Returns new instance.

Protected Member Functions

 report_kind_filter (const ptr< report_filter > &a_output, const ptr< stencils_type > &a_stencils)
 Creates the object.

Private Types

typedef ::lestes::std::set<
ulint > 
 Type of disabled messages.

Private Member Functions

 report_kind_filter (const report_kind_filter &)
 Hides copy constructor.
report_kind_filteroperator= (const report_kind_filter &)
 Hides assignment operator.

Private Attributes

srp< disabled_typedisabled
 Disabled messages.

Detailed Description

Report kind filter.

Filters out certain kinds of reports. Used to switch off specific messages.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ::lestes::std::vector< srp<message_stencil> > lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::stencils_type

Type of message stencils list.

typedef ::lestes::std::set<ulint> lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::disabled_type [private]

Type of disabled messages.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::report_kind_filter ( const ptr< report_filter > &  a_output,
const ptr< stencils_type > &  a_stencils 
) [protected]

Creates the object.

Creates the report kind filter.

a_output The output of the filter.
a_stencils The stencil list.

lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::report_kind_filter ( const report_kind_filter  )  [private]

Hides copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::process ( const ptr< message > &  a_message,
const ptr< source_location > &  a_location 
) [virtual]

Filters out reports by kind.

Discards all reports of specified kinds, other reports are passed to output.

a_message != NULL

a_location != NULL

a_message The message to process.
a_location The location to process.

Implements lestes::msg::report_filter.

ptr< report_kind_filter > lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::create ( const ptr< report_filter > &  a_output,
const ptr< stencils_type > &  a_stencils 
) [static]

Returns new instance.

Returns new report kind filter, initializes with output and list of stencils of disabled messages.

a_output != NULL

a_stencils != NULL

a_output The output of the filter.
a_stencils The stencils whose messages will be disabled.
New report kind filter.

report_kind_filter& lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::operator= ( const report_kind_filter  )  [private]

Hides assignment operator.

Member Data Documentation

srp<disabled_type> lestes::msg::report_kind_filter::disabled [private]

Disabled messages.

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