lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer Class Reference

Wrapped bare pointer. More...

#include <simple_pointer.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void gc_mark (void) const
 Marks the keystone pointed to.
 ~simple_pointer (void)
 Destructs the simple pointer.

Protected Member Functions

 simple_pointer (void)
 Creates the simple pointer without initializing.
keystonepointer_get (void) const
 Returns the bare pointer.
void pointer_set (keystone *a_pointer)
 Sets the bare pointer.

Private Member Functions

 simple_pointer (const simple_pointer &)
 Hides copy constructor.
simple_pointeroperator= (const simple_pointer &)
 Hides assignment operator.

Private Attributes

 The wrapped bare pointer.

Detailed Description

Wrapped bare pointer.

Wrapper for bare pointer to keystone class. Provides only set and get operations. Used as common ancestor of all srp template classes. It should occupy only the space needed for the wrapped pointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::~simple_pointer ( void   )  [inline]

Destructs the simple pointer.

Destructs the simple pointer. Leaves the referenced object unchanged.

lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::simple_pointer ( void   )  [inline, protected]

Creates the simple pointer without initializing.

Creates the simple pointer. Intentionally, does not initialize.

lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::simple_pointer ( const simple_pointer  )  [private]

Hides copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::gc_mark ( void   )  const

Marks the keystone pointed to.

Marks the object pointed to, if not NULL.

keystone * lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::pointer_get ( void   )  const [inline, protected]

Returns the bare pointer.

Returns the underlying bare pointer.

The bare pointer.

Reimplemented in lestes::std::srp< T >, lestes::std::srp< aa >, lestes::std::srp< a >, lestes::std::srp< ::lestes::std::list< srp< action > > >, lestes::std::srp< c >, lestes::std::srp< object >, lestes::std::srp< file_info >, lestes::std::srp< e >, lestes::std::srp< Container >, lestes::std::srp< ::lestes::std::list< srp< object > > >, lestes::std::srp< set_type >, lestes::std::srp< field_metadata_list >, lestes::std::srp< list< srp< broadcast_listener< Y > > > >, and lestes::std::srp< source_location >.

void lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::pointer_set ( keystone a_pointer  )  [inline, protected]

Sets the bare pointer.

Sets the underlying bare pointer.

a_pointer The new bare pointer.

simple_pointer& lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::operator= ( const simple_pointer  )  [private]

Hides assignment operator.

Member Data Documentation

keystone* lestes::std::mem::simple_pointer::pointer [private]

The wrapped bare pointer.

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