lestes::std::octet_type Class Reference

#include <octet.hh>

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Public Types

enum  { BITS = 8, MIN_VALUE = 0, RANGE = (1U << BITS), MAX_VALUE = RANGE - 1 }
 properties of octet type More...
typedef lc_host_uint_least8 octet
 the octet type itself

Static Public Member Functions

static void fake_method (void)
 fake method to suppress warning

Private Member Functions

 octet_type (void)
 hides constructor
 ~octet_type (void)
 hides destructor
 octet_type (const octet_type &)
 hides copy constructor
octet_typeoperator= (const octet_type &)
 hides assignment operator

Detailed Description

Represents properties of octet type.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef lc_host_uint_least8 lestes::std::octet_type::octet

the octet type itself

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

properties of octet type


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lestes::std::octet_type::octet_type ( void   )  [private]

hides constructor

lestes::std::octet_type::~octet_type ( void   )  [private]

hides destructor

lestes::std::octet_type::octet_type ( const octet_type  )  [private]

hides copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

static void lestes::std::octet_type::fake_method ( void   )  [static]

fake method to suppress warning

octet_type& lestes::std::octet_type::operator= ( const octet_type  )  [private]

hides assignment operator

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