data_types.hh File Reference

#include <host_types.hh>
#include <target_types.hh>
#include <string>

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namespace  lestes
namespace  lestes::std


typedef lc_host_int_least32 lestes::std::lint
 Defines lestes host 32 bit integer.
typedef lc_host_uint_least32 lestes::std::ulint
 Defines lestes host 32 bit unsigned integer.
typedef ::std::string lestes::std::lstring
 Defines lestes string; not to be used for anything concerning the processed source file.

Detailed Description

Definition of target and host data types common to all sources. The host is the machine that runs lestes, the data types are native. The target is the machine that lestes compiles for, types are supplied via configuration.

Rudo, added lstring, removed include <lestes/common.h>

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