map.hh File Reference

Collectible std::map. More...

#include <lestes/common.hh>
#include <lestes/std/collection_refl.hh>
#include <lestes/std/list.hh>
#include <lestes/std/pair.hh>
#include <map>

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namespace  lestes
namespace  lestes::std


class  lestes::std::unary_pair_wrapper< T1, T2 >
 Unary function object, wraps std::pair into lestes::std::pair; used in map::field_values_get(). More...
class  lestes::std::map< Key, Data, Compare >
class  lestes::std::map< srp< Key >, srp< Data >,::std::less< ::lestes::std::srp< Key > > >
class  lestes::std::map< srp< Key >, srp< Data >, Compare >
class  lestes::std::map< srp< Key >, Data,::std::less< ::lestes::std::srp< Key > > >
class  lestes::std::map< srp< Key >, Data, Compare >
class  lestes::std::map< Key, srp< Data >,::std::less< Key > >
class  lestes::std::map< Key, srp< Data >, Compare >

Detailed Description

Collectible std::map.



Encapsulation for STL map class to be compatible with our garbage collector. Includes namely marking routine, factory method, and dump support.
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