lestes::md::tasm Namespace Reference


class  asm_generator_base
 Performs asm code generation of a translation unit. More...
class  tm_asm_base
 Base for classes representing target assembly language. More...
class  asm_generator
class  tm_asm
 Wrapper class for asm directives and asm language element templates. More...


typedef list< srp< ge_pi > > ge_pi_list__type
typedef vector< srp< ::lestes::backend_v2::structs::func_data > > func_data_vector__type

Typedef Documentation

typedef vector<srp< ::lestes::backend_v2::structs::func_data> > lestes::md::tasm::func_data_vector__type

typedef list< srp<ge_pi> > lestes::md::tasm::ge_pi_list__type

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