sa_declaration_specifiers.g.hh File Reference

Analysed declaration specifiers. More...

#include <lestes/common.hh>
#include <lestes/std/list.hh>
#include <lestes/lang/cplus/sem/sa_common.g.hh>
#include <lestes/lang/cplus/sem/ss_enums.g.hh>
#include <lestes/std/objectize_macros.hh>

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namespace  lestes
namespace  lestes::lang
namespace  lestes::lang::cplus
namespace  lestes::lang::cplus::sem


class  lestes::lang::cplus::sem::sa_declaration_specifiers
 Analysed declaration specifiers. More...

Detailed Description

Analysed declaration specifiers.

Class containing properties of an analysed declaration specifier sequence.

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